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PhotoPlace Gallery Call for Entry

January 22, 2018

Capturing the Light

Juror: Laura Moya

Deadline: Monday, February 12, 2018

Exhibition prints due March 23, 2018

Gallery exhibition April 4, 2018


Photographers understand that the subject of every photograph is the light it reflects, and that the specific quality of that light can profoundly affect the power of the photograph. In essence, intentional mastery of light, both in the “taking” of the photograph and the “making” of the photograph, determines the strength and spirit of an image. 


For this exhibit, we seek images whose success depends on the quality of the light. Whether light or dark, bright or dull, natural or artificial, the subject of these images is the magic, the possibilities, and the nuances of the light itself. 


Give us some thoughtful visual interpretations illustrating the word ‘luminosity’.  


Any capture or process is welcome. 



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