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Open Call: Group Show

We are longtime fans of vernacular photography: the often strange and sometimes hilarious snapshot gems once intended to commemorate personal mementos, that are now often repurposed or collected for their unintentional artistry.

Humble's first online exhibition of 2018 will take this fascination a step further, with an appropriation-loving nod to DADA and the Pictures Generation of the 1970s and 1980s. Group Show #56: Source Material will look to artists who reimagine vernacular photography -- not just as something to collect or recontextualize, but as source material for new creations.

Cut, folded, torn, sewn, digitally altered or something else: whether it's one of your own family photos or something you've found with author unknown, we want to see your hand in the transformation process.

Submission Details:

DEADLINE: Feb 10, 2018


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