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This Brain Hack Will Help Reframe Your Interpretation Of Reality

CEOs, professional athletes, professors, and more are using this method to reach a state of “flow consciousness.” Here’s what it is and how to get there.

Things like good and bad luck are actually just in our minds. We have a tremendous amount of control over our own realities. It’s all a matter of the lens that our brains filter experiences through, and how we use those interpretations to confirm our core beliefs.

There is a new method to help reverse harmful or negative belief systems. It’s called Flow Consciousness, and its primary goal is to replace “limiting core beliefs” with those that are, in essence, limitless.

“It’s a new operating system for our consciousness,” says Justin Faerman, cofounder of the Flow Consciousness Institute, a Santa Barbara-based coaching and research organization. “Flow Consciousness is really a set of internal and external shifts that people need to make in order to shift their trajectory in life from one of struggle and suffering and hardship toward more of an effortless, nonlinear, intuition-based way of operating.” JUMP IN

Faerman points to the most decorated coach in NBA history as an example. Those who have played for Phil Jackson have said that the hall of fame coach, who led 11 teams to victory, encouraged his players to first believe they had already won the title, and then play the season accordingly.

“We know the brain can’t tell the difference between what we’re imagining and what’s actually happening,” adds Faerman. “It actually lights up the same neural pathways in our brain, it activates a lot of the same systems in our body, and so by staying in this place of acting and thinking and envisioning that it’s already happened, you start to build capacity to think and live in that way.”

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