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A complimentary conversation is the best way to introduce you to consulting/coaching and to see how it can benefit you. The call is simply an opportunity for you to have the experience of working with me, and for us to get an idea of how we interact together. 

Deciding to reach out for help can be a big decision. On the one hand making that first appointment can feel exhilarating. You may think, “Now, finally, things will be different — because I’m doing something different, and I’m going to have support.” Many people feel great peace and hope after making the appointment for their consultation.

However doing something new is always a little nerve-wracking. And getting involved with any professional growth work can feel mysterious, and unless you’ve done it before you may not know what to expect.


            Here’s what you can expect: 



I ask potential clients to complete a prep form before our first, complimentary, session. 

So you mean there's homework before we meet? You bet there is!

I ask you to fill it out in advance of our meeting.  The purpose of the homework is for my clients to think through what they want from themselves and frpm me - before we meet.  I ask that you return it to me at least 24 hours before our scheduled appointment.


After you make your appointment, I will also reach out to say hello, and confirm the first appointment. I will also ask for your preferred video conferencing platform and your contact information. Then I will call you at the time of your appointment.


Do my clients get something significant out of this first free session?  Always. 



Sometimes it's intimidating.  Sometimes it's overwhelming.  My goal is to find and work with clients who are really ready to make significant change.  




Clarity in your purpose.  Focus and get clear on your goals and Agility to achieve them.  Greater ProductivityStrategy to become a more effective marketer and artist, Authenticity, increased Creativity, stronger and more consistent Engagement.



Ongoing Sessions

If you decide to move forward I will prepare a detailed proposal customized to your needs.  If you accept the proposal we will invoice you, and schedule your next meeting.  Your sessions will start with a brief “check in” period, followed by a collaborative discussion about what to focus on in the meeting.

It’s very helpful for you to take notes during your session so that you have a reminder of the things you talked about and what you’re working on in between sessions. The Consulting/Coaching process is very active, and you will be receiving homework assignments to do between every session.

At the start of every session we will discuss your last homework assignment, and your progress. Then we’ll decide what we should work on that will be most helpful in furthering your growth, and we will plan your next assignment. At the end of the session I will check in with you about the most meaningful or helpful (or unhelpful) parts of that day’s conversation so that we can make sure that our sessions together are as valuable to you as possible.

How it Ends


When you find yourself talking extensively about the positive progress and successful changes that you have made in your life, your time with me will likely come to an end. I will review and celebrate your gains with you, and your regular sessions will no longer be needed. You can cut back to quarterly or semi-annual meetings to make sure that you maintain your hard-won gains for the long haul.

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"I can't thank you enough. I've met with several people over the last week, none of them were as personally invested, insightful and pragmatically helpful as you have been.   It’s clear that you love what you do and truly want your clients to succeed."  Clifford P. - Photographer